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Come have fun and be you!

This is the time to let loose, have fun, flow with the moment and be yourself as the camera rolls. The engagement session is usually the prelude to the wedding day, the images from this session may be used on the invitation, save-this-date cards, and on the large prints that is displayed at the reception. However, there are always more to these images than what is previously stated, the sentimental feeling that they provide are beyond their uses. It is really the first time after you pop the big questions to have your official photo session as a couple, a new first chapter to a your new book of life together.

Just be you!

The engagement session is a no stress and relaxed photo session that focuses on just you the couple. No hassle of time or worries about being late to something, just plain fun and good times. The backdrop for this session is usually a place that represents you as a couple or a place that has sentimental meaning to you. In essence, the locations should be a part of and represent your personality together. For instance, a couple that is from the city would consider more of a urban setting for their images, or a outdoorsy couple would consider more of the country side or the beach for the session. Ultimately, it is done wherever you like. Feel free to browse through these engagement session samples, read their story, and envision your!